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Official Dead Weight Pictures Profile

2013-09-04 16:07:02 by DeadWeightPictures

This is the official NewGrounds account for Dead Weight Pictures. What is Dead Weight Pictures? We make original animated short comedy films.


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2014-04-04 21:01:13

Wow, no one's even welcomed you to the site yet.... it's hard to make kids laugh these days, I blame mainstream 21st century cartoons, and the latest version political correctness, myself.

DeadWeightPictures responds:



2014-04-05 01:09:39

You can't call your films comedies, because there is nothing funny about them. Try actually making something of value, rather than this bland, purposely unfunny hipster ironic tripe. Tim and Eric is as about as funny to watch as watching a loved one die of cancer, and this is in the same category.

DeadWeightPictures responds:

Thanks for your support!